Why Silicute?

The biggest benefit to ordering with Silicute is our easy-to-use digital application to place orders. Save time and money with our convenient and effective platform. No need to physically fill out forms, email order confirmations or make time consuming calls. Place an order within minutes! Simply scan the QR code below to download our app and connect with us today.

At Silicute, our focus is to provide retailers and wholesalers with the most cost-efficient, high quality production and importing channels. We have over 20 years of experience in product development, OEM, and drop-ship importing. We design and produce customized products for clients based on their specifications. You can entrust your supply chain to us.

Key Benefits of Ordering with Silicute:
  •   Easy to use digital platform to place orders within minutes
  •   User friendly interface to quickly and efficiently to search products and place orders
  •   Order online at your convenience. No more time-consuming phones or emails!
  •   Mobile ordering: with only a few taps from your mobile devices, search and select products, view promotional deals, and place orders.
  •   QR code scanning: fast, accurate, and easy to use. Simply scan product QR codes to add them to your order.
  •   Track progress of your order instantly. No more back and forth emails and calls with vendors about tracking numbers or expected delivery dates.

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Scan this QR code from your mobile device to download and install our ordering app.

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